"English horn soloist, Andrea Overturf ... was a standout in her three long solos in Sibelius' suite from Pelleas et Melisande."


The Aspen Times, August 10, 2004


"San Diego Symphony member, Andrea Overturf is an outstanding soloist."


San Diego News Network, March 27, 2010


"Oboist Andrea Overturf... gracefully exchanged antiphonal phrases in the cantibile middle movement.  Since Overturf regularly serves as the English horn player in the Symphony, this Quintet offered a fine opportunity  to hear her exquisite faculty on the oboe."


San Diego Arts,   May 16, 2011


"... English horn player Andrea Overturf ... played with such eloquence, subtle dynamics, and shading tones, putting the statements into chamber-music-like relief."


The San Diego Union Tribune, May 17, 2010


"... I was impressed by ... Andrea Overturf's lush, throaty English horn solos ..."


San Diego Arts, October 2, 2011


"... In the third movement, we were treated to the most delicious English Horn playing of Andrea Overturf... "


SanDiegoArts.Com, February 29, 2016

" Andrea Overturf [s] … rich, vibrant sound – evenly produced in every part of the instrument from deep-down chestnut to high polished silver – took on a life of its own in the hall, seeming to become part of the very air around listeners. "


The San Diego Union Tribune,  April 5, 2017



Local audiences are familiar with Overturf's exemplary playing on English Horn with the San Diego Symphony, but on oboe she is even more winsome."


San Diego Arts,  August 7, 2011


"..."The Singing Stage"... featured

a luscious English horn solo, beautifully played by Andrea Overturf."


IonArts BlogSpot.com,  July 28, 2006


"... oboist Andrea Overturf melted    everyone's hearts with ravishing, gorgeously shaped solo lines ..."


San Diego Arts, August 7, 2011


"... English hornist Andrea Overturf ... resplendent in a black ruffled dress, had center stage to herself...with her rich burnished tone and the way she shaped each line, capturing the sober, nocturnal mood of Copland's tone poem."


The San Diego Union Tribune,  March 29, 2010


"... English horn player Andrea Overturf made her debut with a sonorous and expressive solo."


San Diego Arts, July 5, 2009


"... there was excellent playing by ... Andrea Overturf on English horn in exotic little solos in the second movement"


St Petersburg Times,  January 20, 2008


"... English horn player Andrea Overturf displayed a nuanced command of her part, whether in octave leaps or smoothly curving phrases."


San Diego News Network,  March 27, 2010


"... Andrea Overturf's English

horn solos enlivened virtually

every work on the program."


The San Diego Union Tribune, September 30, 2011


"Overturf contrasted a supple liquid sonority in her upper range with a broader reedy color in the bass."


San Diego Arts, March 26, 2010


"It was a good night for wind play ... English horn Andrea Overturf's haunting solo in Nuages of Nocturnes ... "


Tampabay.com, November 7, 2008



"... English horn principal Andrea Overturf stood out for her beautifully lyrical lines. "


The Seattle Post Intelligencer, May 16, 2000



" …notable solo work … Andrea Overturf (English horn) … played hauntingly. "


The San Diego Union Tribune, January 17. 2016